Brevissima premessa (Short introduction)

Benvenuti nel mio blog, dove vorrei raccogliere alcuni dei miei lavori in 3d e (pochi) in 2d. Non sono mai stato bravo con i preamboli, quindi evito di annoiare chiunque dovesse leggere questo post, partendo subito con la prima immagine...

(in english) Welcome to my blog, where I would like to collect my works in 3d and (few) in 2d. I'm not good with preamble and I don't want to bore you, so I begin with the first image...


youngmotherof 5 ha detto...

I don't understand what it says the work is exellent!!!!

Eder Carfagnini ha detto...

Thank you very much! I just translate all my posts! My english is horrible, but I hope you and all the english speakers could understand my posts.

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